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Moving Industry Portal and "Name Your Own Price" System

AAAMove/BidYourMove provides people who are planning a move access to pre-qualified, responsible moving companies. Moving companies are categorized both in terms of the kind of moving services they provide (local-only, long-distance, car-moves, pet-moves, international moves, etc), and the regions of the U.S. and Canada that they cover. A variety of complex algorithms are used to distribute leads to the moving companies. A private administration area manages the entire process, and provides many reports. The name-your-own-price system projects a fair market price based on industry standards for moving costs estimation. This is a highly dynamic B2C business, requiring regular system enhancements in support of new strategies, business deals, and marketing campaigns.


  • Very large database.
  • Clustered server environment.
  • Secure e-commerce.
  • FAQ system.
  • Classifieds system.
  • Batch email reminder mechanisms.