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Are you just starting out and need someone to explain the intricacies of ecommerce and online marketing, or are you already quite knowledgeable but ready to take online commerce to the next level, using sophisticated promotional tools and marketing analysis reports? In either case, read on and give us a call. At JDT we'll take the time to discuss and explain all the relevant issues, so you can make any necessary decisions wisely.

The JDT Ecommerce solution is fully-featured, extremely powerful, and ready for use. It's also a perfect base on which to build a more custom ecommerce solution, should your own requirements be a bit more complex or unusual.

Custom Design
Tie your web store to your existing brand identity or let our designers help you achieve a whole new look for both your site and related collateral material.

Search-Engine Friendly Product Catalog
You want all of your product pages indexed by the major search engines. Those are the pages that contain good content about your products and should rank highly. But search engines often ignore dynamically generated shopping cart pages, a tremendous loss of opportunity for most online stores. We solve that problem by using "Search Engine Safe" (SES) URL's.

Keep the Customers Happy
Your customers can check the history and status of their own orders at anytime, saving you valuable customer service time. Customers can manage their own wish-lists and address books. Customers also receive automatic emails from the system with their shipping tracking number.

Powerful Administration Features
You manage all aspects of your online store in your secure, password-protected web-based environment. Access critical business data 24x7 from anywhere using a web browser.

Ecommerce Store Management

Define your store

Payment Methods (Accept credit cards and e-checks!).
Shipping Carriers.
Charges for shipping, handling and insurance.
Sales Tax Requirements.
Discounts and Promotions.

Quickly update your own product catalog

Unlimited categories.
Unlimited products with complex product options.
Associate related products/up-sells.
Put products on sale.
"Feature" specific products.

Manage orders

Keep track of online orders and customer history.
Capture mail, phone, and fax orders.
Process credit card charges using real-time payment gateway.
Create packing slips.

Detailed reports and statistics

Product level summary of sales and hit traffic.
Search logs tell you what customers are searching for.
Sales Tax collected.
Shipping Revenue by Carrier.

Real-time Credit Card processing

You can rely on the stability and performance of the leading payment gateways

Choose from Authorize.Net or Verisign Payflow Pro™.

Take advantage of the latest in FRAUD PREVENTION to protect YOU, the merchant

CID and AVS verification.
Verified by Visa.
MasterCard® SecureCode™.

Integrated content management facility
Update your own web pages (e.g. About Us, Contact Us, Upcoming Shows/Events).

Promotion and Tracking
It is clear that just building an online store is not enough. You need well-planned and well-executed marketing programs to drive potential customers to your site. We provide not only the tools to promote your site online, but also the critical figures you need to evaluate on an ongoing basis which marketing strategies are working well for you and which ones are not.

Advanced Promotion Tools

Targeted EMAIL MARKETING—Email monthly newsletters, store specials etc. based on customers' subscription to your specific newsletters, or based on customer purchase behavior. Email marketing is also directly tied to your marketing analysis engine. See how well each email campaign performs to drive traffic and sales.

Manage your own AFFILIATE PROGRAM—offer pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-sale (PPS). Manage affiliate payments. Affiliates can login anytime to see the status of their accounts. The Affiliate program is also tied to your marketing analysis engine. See how well each affiliate performs to drive traffic and sales.

Marketing Analysis Engine

Manage, measure, and optimize ALL of your marketing. It's your hard-earned marketing dollars being spent. Eliminate the guesswork and use these comprehensive reports to analyze, contrast and compare all different forms of marketing, such as:

Online vs. Offline.
Paid Search (Google, Overture) and Natural Search.
Email marketing.
Affiliate programs.

Get a handle on critical business statisticsMarketing reports provide you with insight into your conversion rate and sales, not just clicks and hits !

New Visits
Repeat Visits
Sales Total, Average Sale
Sales Conversion Percent
Cost per Sale,
Cost per click

Special concerns?

Do you have DIFFICULT DATA to pre-load into your store? We have the tools and experience to handle anything you've got. After more than 20 years in the computer field, we've pretty much seen it all.

Do you need your online store integrated with a 3RD PARTY FULFILLMENT CENTER? Don't worry. We can accommodate all standard file formats for data exchange. And we have the necessary systems and business background to talk to your fulfillment center's IT department on your behalf and create a seamless integration plan.

Are you concerned about the brutal requirements of ONLINE SECURITY? We handle all aspects of your web site deployment, including digital certificates, https/SSL, firewall protection, and appropriate database encryption. We can help you acquire an appropriate merchant account, should you need it. And let us show you what options are available to you as a merchant for reducing fraud and chargebacks.

Take a a peek into some of the Ecommerce work we've done over the years for our clients. What can we do for you?