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Cameta Camera
Camera Dealer - eBay Leader

Cameta Camera is one of the most successful sellers on eBay, and a category leader in the Cameras & Photo category. Cameta Camera, a Titanium Powerseller, has a feedback score over 300,000 and runs several thousand auctions simultaneously.

JDT has been providing custom eBay software development and integration services to Cameta for many years. Using the tools that we've developed and highly-tuned to their specific needs, Cameta has run more than 500,000 auctions generating over $100 million dollars in sales, all the while streamlining operations and providing their own customers with superb service.


  • Auction management software posts listings round-the-clock based on a custom schedule.
  • Custom software allows Cameta to be nimble and quickly gain an edge in the ever-changing landscape of eBay features. Cameta was one of the first to incorporate "item specifics" into their auction management software, taking advantage of this important opportunity to attract new customers.
  • Batch programs post customer feedback and automate the email of payment reminders and feedback reminders.
  • Different flavors of congratulatory emails are emailed to winners.
  • Custom eBay Checkout, specifically designed for the camera business, utilizing eBay's Checkout Redirect process.
  • Credit card fraud prevention measures provide critical protection for Cameta Camera.
  • Special profitability reports keep an eye on sales and eBay fees, allowing frequent experimentation and price adjustments to maximize success.