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JDT Technologies is a proud member of the eBay Developer's Program and the eBay Developer's Council, advising eBay on the special needs of custom software integrators. 40% of eBay listings are posted via the eBay API !
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JDT Technologies is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider. Click on the eBay logo to read more about how eBay qualifies custom API programmers.

The key to sales success in any eBay category is high-volume selling, and high-volume selling can only be achieved by putting fine-tuned systems and procedures in place. JDT Technologies is a well-established member of the eBay Developer’s program and an eBay Certified Solution Provider, creating custom API programming solutions that connect businesses like yours to eBay. (Think of the API as eBay's “back door” for high-volume operations).

We’ve already helped a leading eBay seller manage thousands of listings, generating more than $100 million in sales! Are you looking for the kind of custom software solution that drives THAT kind of success?

Custom eBay operation software from JDT has many benefits.

Increase revenue

Top eBay Powersellers know: To achieve true high-volume sales on eBay , automation and software integration is key. automated listings that post themselves unattended to eBay 24x7, based on rules and a schedule that you determine
automated 2nd Chance Offers, based on rules that you determine
automated payment reminders, based on a schedule that you determine
automated feedback posting and feedback reminders, based on your rules

Decrease costs

listing screens that are customized to the specifics of your industry, enabling staff efficiencies
personalized strategies for optimizing (i.e. reducing) eBay fees
automated dispute processing reduces the load on your customer service staff
manage multiple eBay seller id's from a single interface
reduce mistakes that can lead to customer ill will and deadly negative feedback, like mistakenly running listings for out-of-stock items

Real-time integrated software from JDT has even more benefits!

You already have a great deal invested in the software that you use to run your business, whether it's packaged software, ERP system or custom software. Think about the possibilities that emerge when you achieve seamless, real-time integration between your eBay operations and your internal software systems.

JDT specializes in software integration between your systems (inventory system, order processing system, CRM, email, accounting system, ERP system) and eBay / PayPal. Tie eBay listings directly to your product data

teach your listing system how to establish pricing (both for the initial listing and follow-up relists)
track eBay fees along with your other costs to enable complete profitability analysis for each of your products

Tie eBay listings directly to your inventory system

list and auto-relist based on availability of inventory
decide whether all listings, all sales checked-out, or only paid-checkouts reserve inventory; unsuccessful checkouts can automatically release the hold on inventory
automatically cancel a listing if you’re listing a one-up that just sold via a different sales channel

Send completed listings directly to your order processing and fulfillment systems

generate sales orders/sales invoices in your own order processing system
tie listing history to customer communications in your contact management or CRM system
auto-feed order data to the appropriate 3rd party fulfillment house or drop-ship vendor
notify customers of their shipping tracking numbers

Bridge eBay to Your Accounting System

track eBay and PayPal fees associated with every listing that you run, not just the ones that close as sales
track relist credits, reserve credits, and final-value-fee credits
perform automatic reconciliation of your monthly eBay invoices, a real benefit as your listing volume grows

40% of eBay listings are posted via the eBay API!

Businesses using automated programs to facilitate interaction with eBay is not incidental to eBay. This IS what the eBay of today is all about. But getting started can be tough. You may already have a good grip on the ways of Internet Ecommerce, but eBay is a universe and culture unto itself with its own rules for behavior and success. We have the experience to help you establish an eBay sales channel, or take your existing eBay business to the next level.

What problems are YOU trying to solve? Call today to discuss your particular eBay challenges. Let's collaborate on a solution that does exactly what YOU need it to do.