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Online Talk Radio Station

Eyada was a major online talk-radio station with millions of listeners. Public pages provided mechanisms for listening both to live shows and archived shows across multiple channels. An internal ad management system was developed to highlight upcoming shows. A comprehensive Admin area allowed channel directors, show producers, technical producers, content writers, and designers to contribute new content to the site all day long, directly from the radio studio, in support of each new show as it was being played.


  • Millions of listeners a month.
  • Popular guest appearances (e.g. Howard Stern).
  • Clustered server environment.
  • Static content items pushed out to Akamai edge servers.
  • Heavy emphasis on caching techniques to support heavy traffic.
  • Media streaming - multiple players formats; streaming server integration.
  • XML feeds to syndicate content to sites like IVillage.com.
  • Batch email notification system to remind people about upcoming shows.